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ZevMir Companies

Founded in 2017, the ZevMir, LLC family of businesses include:

MissionCIT, LLC  | Experiential & Immersive Training for First Responders making use of AR, VR & XR technologies

ZevScott, LLC  | ZevScott enables product companies to quickly enter, market and sell through multiple channels in the USA. We are unique in delivering access to physical and e-commerce sales via our extensive distribution network.  While our services are exceptionally valuable to international companies who want to enter USA markets.  We also well serve entrepreneurial USA companies who prefer to focus on product development.

Wine Buy of the Day  | Each and everyday Wine Buy of the Day discovers some of the best wines available on the market and makes them available to you. They may be exclusive purchases; limited time offers or just great finds. So, take advantage of these exceptional opportunities by checking our site daily and buying from our partners!

Catnip Bill  |  Catnip Bill was a fourth-generation medicine man expert in natural medicines and herbal treatments.  He is also the Great-Grandfather of my partner Scott.  Continuing the family business, the site offers modern-day natural medicines and herbal supplements.  And of course, unique wisdom in the products we offer.

Shopper UM USA  |  Our ZevScott company is the USA Representative for Shopper UM in Sao Paolo Brazil.  Shopper UM provides Augmented Reality apps and solutions for the retail industry including a unique kiosk for malls and retail outlets.